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Power for commercial construction site projects

When it comes to operating a construction site efficiently and safely, power supply, distribution and lighting are of crucial importance. After all, smooth construction site operations are particularly important for the success of building projects. With The Power Company, you have a partner with 30 years of international experience in the entire field of power supply. Our products and services range from simple generator hire to complex planning for powering large events, creating emergency plans and back-up power supplies and planning and supporting small to large construction sites with power supply, lighting, fuel management and selecting suitable machinery and accessories.

Efficiently supplying construction sites with energy

The targeted use of generators and careful planning of power distribution can prevent unnecessary downtime and increase productivity. Our team determines the exact power requirements on your construction site in order to optimize the supply and plan cable routes precisely. We look for the most cost-effective and sustainable solution for your project, with the priority of reducing the use of diesel generators.

Selection of efficient gensets for the construction site

There are a variety of gensets that are suitable for use on construction sites. Choosing the right genset depends on the required power, efficiency and environmental impact. As part of these considerations, the cost of the generator set also plays a role in the end. We go through all these aspects with you during the planning stage.

Planning and distribution of electricity on the construction site

Planning power distribution is a complex process that involves taking into account all electrical loads and ensuring an adequate supply. Choosing the right power distributors also plays an important role here.

Lighting, machines and accessories fo the construction site

In addition to power units and distribution boards, there are a number of other machines and accessories that are necessary for an efficient power supply and safety on construction sites. These include adequate lighting (e.g. from light poles), cables, distribution boxes and other protective devices.

Construction electricity: environmentally friendly and sustainable

Making power supply on the construction site more sustainable and environmentally friendly is possible by using various options and technologies. Quieter, more efficient and more environmentally friendly devices and machines from The Power Company are used.

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