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RENT Light poles

The Power Company supplies vandal-proof and efficient rental lighting columns for large events, parking lot lighting, construction sites and other events. Our product is a cost-effective and fast solution for many applications.

Mobile Light Poles for rent

Ensure greater safety and adequate lighting, which is essential for many activities. Our temporary lighting solutions can be found on construction sites, parking lots and in industrial applications. To guarantee safety, we have the right rental product for you.

Light Pole Hydro Power Box Pro

Battery or hybrid with diesel generator
4x60W - 4x240W
Light source
Hydro Power Box Pro


Hydro Power Box PRO AGM is equipped with an AGM battery pack, a tradutional battery technology, cost-effective and ideal for use in cold-temperature environments.

Light Pole Complete Solution: ALL IN ONE

The only complete solution that combines everything. 100% battery powered power supply, with the latest generation of hybrid power supply using low consumption diesel engines. All in one unique model.

LED headlight with adjustable light output

4 x 240 W high-efficiency G4 HYPER LED floodlights in a special version with adjustable light power output from 25% to 100% and the associated electricity savings.

The floodlights can be equipped with optional antiglare shells to create a soft, ambient light for use on special applications like roadworks, on airports and where light pollution must be kept to a minimum.

Digital control of the light tower

The control panel is equipped with a digital control and an easy-to-use function selector with the following functions:

  • Off
  • Manual mode
  • Darkness sensor mode
  • Timer mode

Power supply with an plug-in system

The Hydro Power Box PRO can be made available in two versions for external power supply:

I-Extender Pro A stand-alone, stackable, battery pack with 25 kWh capacity that will make Hydro Power Box Pro run up to 40 hours in battery mode. Standard: CEE 16A outlet socke.
Solar Kit Pro A stackable solar panel kit with 3x300 Wp sliding solar panels able to recharge the Hydro Power Box Pro, reducing the use of the generator or other power sources. Multipin outlet socket.

The operator cann easily connect these devices to the Hydro Power Box Pro using the installed inlet sockets as default on the machine. It's also possible to connect the unit to the Mains through the inlet socket (Standard CEE 16 A).

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Light Pole Popa

8kVA diesel generator
4 x 1000W
Light source
HQI oder LED
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Why rent light poles instead of buying?

There are many reasons why it can make sense to rent a light pole instead of buying one:

Flexibility Renting offers the option of only using the light poles when they are really needed.
Cost savings For short-term projects, the rental costs can be significantly lower than the purchase costs.
Maintenance Rental light poles are maintained by the rental company, saving time and money.
Technology Renting allows access to the latest technologies without having to invest in purchasing.


Lighting columns and lighting giraffes are powerful mobile lighting systems that are used to illuminate large areas such as construction sites, events or parking lots. While a lighting column usually consists of a high mast with one or more powerful luminaires, a lighting giraffe is similar in design to an extendable work platform, with the lighting unit attached to its end. Both serve the same purpose: to provide light in areas where there are no fixed light sources.

Types of Light poles

Lighting columns are available in various types and designs to meet different requirements. Here are some of the most common types:

Stationary lighting columns Are firmly anchored to the ground and ideal for long-term use in one location.
Mobile lighting columns Are equipped with wheels and can be easily transported from one location to another. Ideal for temporary projects such as construction sites or events.
Telescopic lighting columns Can be adjusted in height and therefore offer flexible illumination as required.
Solar-powered lighting columns Use solar energy to provide environmentally friendly and cost-efficient light.

Choose the right light pole

When choosing the right lighting column, several factors must be taken into account, such as the location, the amount of light required and the budget. It is important to choose a model that meets the specific requirements of the project.

Illumination: Legal regulations

The legal requirements for lighting vary depending on the country and region. As a rule, there are certain minimum standards for brightness, especially on construction sites, to ensure the safety of workers. It is important to find out about the local regulations and ensure that the chosen lighting column meets these requirements.

Here are some legal regulations for outdoor lighting in Austria and the EU:

  1. Workplace Ordinance (AStV) in Austria: This ordinance stipulates that outdoor workplaces must be illuminated in such a way that people can move around safely. Particular attention must be paid to transition areas and potentially dangerous zones, such as excavations.
  2. Construction Workers Protection Ordinance (BauV): This stipulates that work areas on construction sites must be illuminated in such a way that work can be carried out safely. Lighting columns are often indispensable for night work.
  3. EN 12464-2: This European standard regulates the lighting requirements for outdoor workplaces. It specifies:

For anyone who operates or wants to use light poles, it is extremely important to know and comply with the regulations and minimum illuminance levels. This not only ensures legal safety, but also the physical safety of everyone involved on the construction site or event.