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Emergency power & Contingency planning

Your round-the-clock service: The reasons for a shutdown and the use of temporary systems range from planned maintenance work to internal breakdowns, fires, power failures, fluctuating ambient temperatures or even supply bottlenecks that exceed the capacity of your systems.
We have a suitable emergency solution for each of these situations.

We are ready day and night to provide you with our rental equipment. We guarantee fast delivery with our internal logistics service.

Emergency planning

Our contingency planning service ensures you have planned for the unexpected and puts a strategy in place to mitigate the risks associated with production or service downtime. We work with you to put together a pre-designed plan so that our equipment is always ready for you.

Advantages of the TPC contingency plan

Reduce downtimes With a pre-designed plan, deployment and installation is completed in the shortest possible time, so your business can be back up and running as quickly as possible.
Minimize risks Reduce the risks associated with production or service downtime, such as spoiled goods, facility closures, lost sales and unforeseen costs.
Reduce costs By using TPC's emergency plan service, you benefit from cost savings on insurance premiums, as well as lower costs compared to short-term procurement.